Check Out A Few Articles Written About NOORISM!

I'm excited to share a few articles written about NOORISM this past week! Check them out below: Noorism Published by: 06880 Where Westport Meets The World Dan Woog Blog Posted on June 27, 2015 | 3 Comments Noor Zakka’s grandparents have been in Westport for 40 years. This town has long been a weekend getaway for her. Three years ago she, her husband and their 2 young boys moved here full time. The reasons — the greenery and schools — are common. But what Noor has done since arriving here is not. An FIT graduate in fashion design, she worked in the industry in New York. But, Noor says, she sometimes felt as if she was not accomplishing anything good. She wanted to create something beautiful

NOORISM's that we live by, and you can too: 1. INTEGRITY/QUALITY

Clothes should be made to last. This is one of the motivators that inspires us to create and craft beautiful pieces. We all know that fast Fashion can be very convenient due to its accessibility and disposability. But let's not forget how very wasteful and bad for our planet that is. That polyester shirt that you wore twice will sit in a landfill for 200 years. It was 'cheap' to buy but have we thought about the real cost of this type of consumption? NOORISM is about a move away from this type of short-term thinking and is about consuming less 'stuff' but instead, choosing select pieces that are truly special and will not only look better when we wear them, but will maintain their val

The Upcycled Denim Summer Hat Collection Is Here!

We are excited to announce that after all our hard work the last few weeks, the Upcycled Denim Summer Hat Collection has arrived! It has been really fun to work on this and we hope you like as much as we do. Each hat is special and unique and has its own previous history since they are all made from old jeans. Check out the photo's and shop! -Noor

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