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If you are reading this, you are probably already interested in ethical fashion and just as concerned for the environment as I am. At a time where there is so much political uncertainty and questions regarding how the Trump administration will handle global warming and other environmental concerns, we need to continue to choose with our wallets as consumers and demand more transparency and better standards from the companies we purchase from. Ethical Fashion blogs are a good resource for discovering ethical companies and for learning more about what standards to expect from any company.

Here are my favorite ethical fashion blogs:

Founded in 2008 by Kate Black, Magnifeco describes itself as the digital source for eco-fashion and sustainable living. It is filled with content and there are plenty of guides for further reading and for learning about ethical fashion.

Written by Sass Brown, Eco Fashion Talk communicates and promotes the best in eco fashion design, through a multitude of media, most notably her books; Eco Fashion and ReFashioned, her website and her journalism.

Kasi Martin created the Peahen to bring truth telling and intellect back to fashion. The blog consists of guides and resources on ethical fashion as well as ethical designer features. Martin is a member of the Ethical Writers Coalition as well as the Ethical Bloggers Network.

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