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We turn reclaimed jeans into elevated fashion.

NOORISM is an upcycle brand focused on taking apart jeans and using the pieces to create new items of clothing and accessories. 

NOORISM clothing and accessories are all unique and slightly different since each old pair of jeans has its own individual story to tell.

Noor Bchara founded NOORISM in 2015 after being disheartened by the volume of poorly-made, practically disposable clothes produced by the Fashion industry every year.  Noor is an FIT graduate and has designed for Zac Posen, Tahari and Ellen Tracy in NYC.

NOORISM is based in Brooklyn and is committed to creating high quality clothing and accessories that are produced in safe working conditions in NYC.

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My goal as a designer is to keep as many garments out of landfills as possible. My mission is to inspire and educate people on Upcycling and Repurposed design and how to do it on a bigger scale. 

Learn about Upcycle Design School and how you can get started upcycling

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