On Set, In Jamaica...

Model Lara is wearing Upcycled Denim NOORISM Lara Hat and Hibiscus Print Shirtdress by Flowerchild1999 I just got back from Silver Sands, Jamaica a few days ago. We were there for vacation, but as I'm starting to understand more and more... when you own a business, you are always working on it in some way. Thinking, sketching, jotting down ideas, making connections and taking opportunities as they come. By some serendipitous coincidence we happened to run into a group of Jamaican Fashion Designers, musicians, models and creative's. They are all amazing talented in what they do and really fun to hang out with. Kaysian Bourke designs a hippie inspired yet sophisticated clothing line called

NOORISM's that we live by, and you can, too: 2. TRANSPARENCY

We believe that it's more important than ever to know exactly where, how, and by whom the products we buy are made. Have you ever tried tracing the origins of your t-shirt? Do you know who made the last garment you bought? Do you even know where your food comes from? This simple question may prove to be much tougher for the average consumer to find out. Yet how can we buy something without knowing? What if it came from a filthy factory in a developing country, sewn by a 12 year old? What if the fibers were grown drenched with toxic pesticides that polluted the land and seeped into the region's drinking waters? What if wearing that garment or eating that food exposes us to unhealthy l

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