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NOORISM's that we live by, and you can too: 1. INTEGRITY/QUALITY

Clothes should be made to last. This is one of the motivators that inspires us to create and craft beautiful pieces. We all know that fast Fashion can be very convenient due to its accessibility and disposability. But let's not forget how very wasteful and bad for our planet that is. That polyester shirt that you wore twice will sit in a landfill for 200 years. It was 'cheap' to buy but have we thought about the real cost of this type of consumption?

NOORISM is about a move away from this type of short-term thinking and is about consuming less 'stuff' but instead, choosing select pieces that are truly special and will not only look better when we wear them, but will maintain their value. We want our products to be in your closet for a very long time. In fact, we think the longer you keep a NOORISM piece, the more special it will become: a piece of personal history, a memento of your cherished past, even a beloved heirloom to pass on to the next generation. So, shop slowly, buy only what you really love, and choose quality. SHOP NOW!

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