May 28, 2016

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Hope you are spending time outside enjoying this beautiful weather.  Don't forget to wear a hat and protect your face from getting too much sun.  Need a great sun hat?  Enjoy 30% off our upcycled denim hats starting now through Monday.  Use code: MEMORIAL30



March 16, 2016

If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures!

I had an amazing opportunity last week to make a few videos about NOORISM.  It was a really interesting and fun experience!  Check out the videos below or you can find them on YouTube.  Enjoy :)


Make A Difference In The World With Sustainable Fashion


Make A Better Earth With NOORISM

   Creative And Business Mind On Fashion Business


March 9, 2016

 I'm excited to announce that the Fall 2016 NOORISM collection is ready for viewing!  I know August and September seems like a long way off, but we will be taking pre-orders soon... 

Can't wait?  Shop for hats here.


Want to see the whole collection?  Click Here...





February 28, 2016

This week has gone by incredibly fast.  Time really does fly when you are having fun.  We just finished shooting our Fall 2016 look book and campaign. 

[photo's coming soon]


I picked Manufacture NY for our location because of its industrial warehouse feel.  We had access to a huge open space the size of about three football fields with big widows, sunlight and amazing NYC views!  It's also the future of Fashion.  It's mission is to reawaken and rebuild America's Fashion Industry, foster the next wave of businesses, and create a transparent, sustainable global supply chain. 


The shoot also came together really well because we had a great team of people that worked very hard.  Everyone was able to add their own creativity and talents and the end result is something I can't wait to show...


February 6, 2016

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time in Brooklyn.  Walking by the Gowanus canal, hitting up the boutiques on Atlantic Avenue, and admiring the graffitti in Bed-Stuy.  It feels like New York City is calling me back.  It's a call I can't seem to ignore.  The energy of the city has always been inspiring and made me feel alive.  Anything is possible in NYC...


August 30, 2015

 Model Lara is wearing Upcycled Denim NOORISM Lara Hat

and Hibiscus Print Shirtdress by Flowerchild1999


I just got back from Silver Sands, Jamaica a few days ago.  We were there for vacation, but as I'm starting to understand more and more... when you own a business, you are always working on it in some way.  Thinking, sketching, jotting down ideas, making connections and taking opportunities as they come. 


By some serendipitous coincidence we happened to run into a group of Jamaican Fashion Designers, musicians, models and creative's.  They are all amazing talented in what they do and really fun to hang out with.


Kaysian Bourke designs a hippie inspired yet sophisticated clothing line called Flowerchild1999.  Zia Benjamin and Brady O'Connor are amazingly talented musicians.  And Kevin Bourke takes great photo's amongst other talents. 


That's basically the story of this collaboration that lead to a few impromptou photo shoots and these great shots.  We all jumped int...

August 16, 2015

We believe that it's more important than ever to know exactly where, how, and by whom the products we buy are made.  Have you ever tried tracing the origins of your t-shirt?  Do you know who made the last garment you bought?  Do you even know where your food comes from?  This simple question may prove to be much tougher for the average consumer to find out.  Yet how can we buy something without knowing?  What if it came from a filthy factory in a developing country, sewn by a 12 year old?  What if the fibers were grown drenched with toxic pesticides that polluted the land and seeped into the region's drinking waters?  What if wearing that garment or eating that food exposes us to unhealthy levels of chemicals and pesticides?                     

This leaves us feeling icky :/  

When you shop at NOORISM, you can be certain that our products are made from the most ethically an...